Georgia COVID-19 Data

Posted by Matthieu R Bloch on April 21, 2020

The Georgia Department of Public Health provides a daily status report here to track the COVID-19 spread. This now does a good job providing lots of information but it was critically lacking longitudinal data to visualize what is happening over time when it was released. Iā€™m still updating this page although their page has much more complete information.

I wrote a python script to scrape the website and load the data to visualize it a bit more. The data is the one provided by the Department of Public Health and suffers from the same limitations. I am also not an epidemiologist so I will refrain from extrapolating anything.

(Update: GDPH changed their formatting and I was unable to retrieve all of the data on 3/27/20)

Case and death counts

The following plot shows the number of reported detected cases and deaths.

Testing data

The following plots shows the number of tests performed and the number of positive hits. There are two series of tests going on, one by the Georgia Public Health Laboratory (GPHL), one by a commercial lab. The commercial lab is testing at a bigger scale.

What is perhaps a bit surprising is that the fraction of positive test is not the same for the commercial lab and GPHL. It is not clear to me what factors could explain this. In any case these numbers are crucially missing two important factors: the false positive rate and the false negative rate of the tests.